Pregame Meal w/ Tunch & Wolf | Steelers at Colts

November 23, 2016

Season 2 | Episode 11

Tunch Ilkin and Craig Wolfley are back at the Wolf’s Den Studio at Pittsburgh Podcast Network for this episode of Pregame Meal. Tunch & Wolf tell the story of their playing Thanksgiving Day back in 1983, a game and trip home they’ll never forget. They then break down the scouting report for you on the Steelers’ opponent for this Thanksgiving, the Indianapolis Colts.

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Scorin Dorin Podcast #012 | Pitt Can Contend & Around The NFL 11.22.16

Tuesday, November 22, 2016


This week Dorin welcomes back his friend Bill Schneider again to guest co-host. Dorin talks about being honorary captain at the Pitt/Clemson game, and how after back-to-back major upsets (Clemson, Duke), the Pitt Panthers are serious contenders once again.   Dorin and Bill also recap the Steelers loss to the Cowboys, the Steelers win over the hapless Browns and preview the Steelers’ Thanksgiving game against the Luck-less Colts.  They also discuss a few other issues around the NFL and give a few hot takes on random topics…

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The YaJagoff! Podcast | Light Up Night with Friends (and our 1-year Anniversary)

November 21, 2016
#YaJagoffPodcast / Episode #047

We didn’t just go to Comcast Light Up Night in Pittsburgh, we brought friends!  The Tumas boys did a review of their fav candy shop, we’re talking about gift and food deals and we have one of Pittsburgh’s most popular social media influencers, Chancelor Humphrey from Keep Pittsburgh Dope!  On tope of that, we have BREAKING Holiday News about the Kaufman’s/Macy’s window tradition!  Recorded at Fifth Avenue Place at Dave DiCello’s store!
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“Jim Krenn: No Restrictions” #158 | Point Park University – CMI

November 21, 2016

Jim Krenn is in downtown Pittsburgh at Point Park University’s new Center for Media Innovation for this episode of “No Restrictions”, joined by his friend and agent, David Sedelmeier. Jim and David talk with their old friend Ed Traversari, the legendary concert and event promoter, as well as professor at Point Park. Jim takes a few minutes to talk with Point Park student Luke Zotolla, then talks with the Center for Media Innovation’s director, Andrew Conte, and Chelsea Pompeani about the real world experience at Point Park – plus talk of Breaking Bad, Roberto Clemente and so much more…

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Puck Off! Podcast | Author Howard Shapiro!

November 21, 2016

This week on Puck Off! Joe Bartnick and Frazer Smith discuss Bickell’s MS diagnosis, Johnny Hockey’s broken fingers thanks to Staal, and more before talking Penguins with Pittsburgh-based author Howard Shapiro, the writer of “Hockey Karma”, a graphic novel hockey fans will absolutely love. PLUS the weekly awards!

Radio legend Frazer Smith and Pittsburgh-native comedian Joe Bartnick get together each week to talk hockey with their comedy friends!

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Wrestling Reality with Justin LaBar | November 19, 2016

November 19, 2016
#WrestlingReality / Episode #001

Wrestling Reality with Justin LaBar features analysis of the top headlines and stories in WWE and pro wrestling. What’s next for The Undertaker, who appears to be back for more than just his annual WrestleMania match? LaBar gives his take on what he thinks we can expect. Plus, headlines discussed, tweets answered and predictions on Survivor Series with LaBar and Josh Isenberg.

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Pregame Meal w/ Tunch & Wolf | Steelers at Browns

November 18, 2016

Season 2 | Episode 10

Tunch Ilkin and Craig Wolfley are on location at the Bigham Tavern on Mt. Washington for this episode of Pregame Meal. Tunch & Wolf watched all the film and break down the scouting report for you on the Steelers’ opponent for this week, the Cleveland Browns.

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The YaJagoff! Podcast | “Farm To Table Podcasting!”

November 14, 2016
#YaJagoffPodcast / Episode #046

We are hanging out at the Farm to Table event in the Strip District sponsored by the American Healthcare Group.  Erin Hart talks about how American Health Group got so involved with Farm to Table stuff.  The guys from the Drinking Partners Podcast come by to taste-test Farm to Table drinks!  Artist Tony Landonlina talks about painting with bee’s wax… it’s awesome AND he’s donating some work to the upcoming Zachary’s Mission Gala and Jessica tells us why Zachary’s Mission is so important and sooooo Pittsburgh!

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YaJagoff! Podcast –  SHOW NOTES: Farm to Table Podcasting!

Music: The Gathering Field, “Love No Longer

01:20     We’re at the big Farm to Table Harvest event in the Strip District.  We got an award to for being a “Smart Business?”

04:05     Day Bracey, ½ of the Drinking Partners Podcast is waiting for his partner, Ed Bailey so pop in and talk about their podcast and drinking, of course.

07:40     Erin Hart, of the American Health Group and one of organizers of Farm to Table, talks about the importance of farm to table efforts in Pittsburgh

12:59     Artist Tony Landolina, paints with…. bee’s wax and razor blades? It’s called encaustic art!

23:17     Jessica Kaushansky, a recipient of the fine work of Zachary’s Mission charity.  Their mission is so Pittsburgh!  The gala is December 3rd so get tickets here.

32:54     Two of the Farm to Table vendors.  Jamal Etienne-Harrigan of 412 Barbecue seasonings and Alisa Fava Fasnacht of Emerald Valley Artisans cheese and dairy farm.

44:20     Tasha from The Food Tasters gives some of her favs of the event!

48:38     Day found Ed and the Drinking Partners are together to talk about babies, drinking and a potential new podcast!

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Pittsburgh Podcast Jagoff Drinking Partners Farm To Table

John and Craig talk with Erin Hart of the American Health Group (left) and comedian Day Bracey from the Drinking Partners Podcast.

Tony Landolina Jagoff Podcast Farm To Table

Artist Tony Landolina talks about painting with beeswax, and he brought some of his work!

Farm To Table Pittsburgh YaJagoff

Jessica Kaushansky tells John and Craig about the Zachary’s Mission Charity while Jamal Etienne-Harrigan of 412 Barbecue waits to join the podcast.

Pittsburgh Farm To Table YaJagoff Podcast

John and Craig talk with two of the Farm To Table vendors, Jamal Etienne-Harrigan of 412 Barbecue and Alisa Fava Fasnacht of Emerald Valley Artisans cheese and dairy farm.

Drinking Partners YaJagoff Pittsburgh Podcast

Two of the three most popular Pittsburgh podcasts team up: Day Bracey (left) and Ed Bailey (center) from the Drinking Partners Podcast join Craig and John here on the YaJagoff! Podcast.


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